Short Term Health Insurance

Health is the most important investment you will ever have. If you take care of your health, the chances of living a healthy and active life is not impossible to obtain. However, we cannot deny that there are diseases people cannot do away with even if they lived their lives eating the right foods in the right amounts. Some accidents happen that cause an injury; some illnesses are transmitted even if you try to avoid them. It doesn't matter how you got them. What matters most is that you recover immediately and you can afford to pay the medical expenses.

That is exactly what short term health insurance does. It covers your medical expenses as well as costs from surgery if you are required to go under the knife. You can either be reimbursed for paying all those hospital fees and medications, or the insurance company can directly pay the hospital. Health insurance is usually part of the benefits package for employees by many companies.

How does a short term health insurance work? Your health insurance is not used when there is no imminent threat to your health or when you do not go in for your doctor's appointment. Needless to say, when you don't ever go to the hospital, your short term health insurance will not be maximized. But if you do, your short term health insurance will cover the expenses incurred. However, there are only designated medical clinics and hospitals that your insurance will be able to reach. In other words, for your health insurance to be used, you must only go to the partner health care providers that are accredited by your insurance company. But if you don't go to those who are accredited, you might end up paying for a bigger percentage of the costs as your insurance will still cover a small portion.

While there are countries that consider short term health insurance as optional, in the United States, thanks to the Affordable Care Act that is now a law, more people are able to get health insurance. This law requires all insurance companies that offer short term health insurance to insure those who have pre-existing health conditions. It also states that children who are 25 years old and below are still covered by their parents' health insurance.

With this new law, we can help provide short term health insurance to a wider range of people. At First Family Insurance Group we are an exclusive Florida Blue Agency and , we know how important health is. We see the connection of being able to live a full and happy life if your health is intact. If unforeseen illnesses occur, we want to be the ones there for you for any financial protection. We want to give you the best medical care you deserve so that you can enjoy life to its fullest!

Short Term Health Insurance

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