Commercial Insurance

The more you have, the more you want to protect. This doesn’t just hold true for individuals. It is definitely true for businesses as well. A business has many assets and all business owners want to maintain and protect these assets. Losing them can take a hit in their net value or in their business operations. Good thing insurances also cover businesses. Most businesses have several different insurance policies.

A commercial insurance is a contract that a business enters into with an insurance company. As assets increase and become more valuable, the risk of losing them also increases. More valuable items and aspects of the business should be protected at all costs and a company cannot risk trusting the future when it comes to these things of value. Here are some of the more common types of commercial insurance.

Florida Commercial Auto Insurance

Just as we have personal auto insurance for ourselves and family members, businesses that give employees cars or trucks need commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance is very similar to personal auto insurance but can have different limits and exclusions. If you have any questions on your current commercial auto policy or looking for a quote please contact one of our Florida commercial auto specialists.

Florida Commercial General Liability (CGL)

Providing broad liability coverage, commercial general liability insurance (CGL) insures your company against many claims that could arise. Review your policy to determine its coverages, but most policies include protection against:

  • Injuries while on business property
  • Harm caused by manufactured products
  • Florida Commercial Property Insurance
  • Claims of libel or slander from advertisements

While you may be intimidated in applying for a commercial insurance, we at First Family Insurance Group can assure you that we will find a way to get you the best insurance policy that will protect your employees, property, and equipment. Allow us to help you protect your business while at the same time, protect you from the anxiety of keeping your assets safe from harm.

Florida Workers Compensation

If your employee is hurt while on the job, workers compensation insurance would likely provide benefits. Florida law requires all employers to purchase workers compensation coverage (with some exceptions). Under a Florida Workers Compensation policy, employees are compensated for work related injuries, regardless of who is at fault. This coverage makes employers immune from many lawsuits that could arise. In Florida, the Division of Workers Compensation within the Department of Financial Services is the primary regulator for making sure employees receive the proper benefits, which will include benefits for medical expenses, disability, or death.

Florida Business Owner Package (BOP)

There is not one single commercial policy that will meet all of the insurance needs of a business in South Florida. Commercial insurance agents at our office, very often put together business owner packages (BOPs). When you are ready to contact our independent Florida agency, we will shop around for the best commercial auto, general liability, property, and workers compensation policy. We will combine them into a single BOP, which you can easily understand.

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